“ViewQwest is a boutique ISP that is fanatical about customer service”

ViewQwest strives to empower our subscribers with the freedom to access entertainment content and to surf with no limitations.

Established since 2001 as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Viewqwest empowers users through Freedom DNS to watch up to thousands of movies, TV shows and more, from a plethora of online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, PPTV China, etc.

We pride ourselves as the innovative ISP that pioneered the removal of restrictive industry practices like international bandwidth caps and traffic shaping. At the same time, we implemented best practices such as latency based routing, ensuring that subscribers get exactly what they pay for – ultra-fast internet access.

Our fanatical customer service starts with the human touch. There are no voice machines and no scripted responses. Whether you reach out to us through phone, chat or email, our customer service and technical support teams are there to help you 24/7.

Our Strengths

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Timeline of ViewQwest

Nov 14, 2001

How it all started

Our story began a long time before Singapore's fiber broadband network was built. On November 1, 2001, ViewQwest started operations as a telecom operator catering mainly to businesses.

Founder Vignesa Moorthy had a simple vision: to provide premium Internet services, something which Singapore had never seen before. The idea proved popular with Singapore businesses, particularly financial companies which demanded low latency to neighbouring countries.
Nov 14, 2001
Dec, 2001

Providing services to corporate businesses

ViewQwest provides best-of-breed communications services to both Singapore Top 500 Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Fortune 500 companies. Dec, 2001
Jan 18, 2012

Launch of residential services

On January 18, 2012, we launched our Fibernet service for home users. We did away with antiquated practices such as traffic shaping. Our customers continuously enjoy the enormous bandwidth that a fiber optics network brings with it. Jan 18, 2012
May, 2012

Freedom DNS

In May 2012, we launched Freedom DNS, a first-ever service from an internet service provider that unlocks geo-restricted content and entertainment to Singaporean users. May, 2012
June, 2012

Static IP for residential customers

In June 2012, all our residential customers were given their very own static IPv4 addresses. We also made that a standard feature across our fiber broadband plans - another first in Singapore. June, 2012
Mid, 2013

Latency-based routing

As of mid-2013, we were the only ISP in Singapore to provide this feature to consumers where our system is designed to always find the best route on the Internet to allow you to get to the most popular destinations online in the shortest time possible. Mid, 2013
June, 2014

Stream 4K content on our network

We completed trials of our network where consumers are able to stream high-resolution 4K content right in the comfort of their homes. Paired with our Freedom DNS service, households here can tap content services from the United States, such as Netflix and Hulu, who have started to produce 4K content that can be streamed directly into living rooms here. June, 2014
Nov, 2014

Launching world's fastest internet, the first outside of Japan

In Apr 15, 2014, a Sony-backed ISP in Japan launched a 2Gbps Internet service, which is the world's fastest for home use. On Nov 13, 2014, we managed to recreate a 2Gbps speed connection as a mark that Viewqwest is constantly innovating. We are the first outside Japan to have successfully done so. Nov, 2014
Mar, 2016

Launch of 10Gbps

In 2016, we advanced our capabilities to launch 10Gbps services for our residential users. With our dedicated 24/7 ViewQwest Black customer care team, we bring internet connectivity to the next level. Mar, 2016